Scientists Want to Transplant Genetically Modified Pig Organs Into Humans

In news that sounds straight out of a dystopian Margaret Atwood novel, surgeons managed to keep a genetically modified pig heart alive inside a baboon for 945 days before it failed last month. “Xenotransplantation” experiments like this may one day lead to doctors raising pigs for organ transplants. »8/14/15 7:10pm8/14/15 7:10pm


These Scarves Are Woven Music, Made With Patterns From Organ Punchcards

Did you know that the same kind of punched cards control both the jaunty tunes of old timey organs and the warp and weft of a certain kind of textile loom? Glithero, aka British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren, bridged the gap for a cool a medium mash-up—and managed to weave music. »4/07/14 10:20am4/07/14 10:20am

How a human lung is kept alive and breathing for a transplant

It's a pumping lung in a box, basically. Al Jazeera America specifies that its more properly known as the Organ Care System (OCS) but it's basically a human donor long being kept alive and breathing out of the body inside a box. The OCS machine is used to keep the blood and oxygen flowing to the donor organ so that it… »2/05/14 12:09am2/05/14 12:09am

3D-Printed Mini Human Liver Survives 40 Days, Works Like the Real Thing

Organovo's 3D-printed mini-liver just shattered its own record, carrying out the same cellular functions as a natural human liver for 40 days in the lab. That may not seem like a lot — human liver cells are replaced about every 300 to 500 days — but the company's previous millimeter-sized liver slivers only managed… »11/08/13 5:32pm11/08/13 5:32pm

You Might Not Want to Look at These Explicit Images of an Elephant's Innards (NSFW)

John R. Hutchinson is an evolutionary biomechanist, which I'm going to trust has something to do with the elephant cadaver he explored and photographed. Horror porn. Shock porn. Tragedy porn. Whatever you call it, these images are incredible and gross and sad and I can't stop staring at that long shiny smooth… »4/27/12 1:20am4/27/12 1:20am