Samsung NV3 Cam in Silver and Oriental Plant Lacquer

Hey boss, remember those Samsung NV3 Oriental Lacquer cameras you wanted? Here's what they look like. Nice, eh? Too bad they're going to be about £200 ($393) for the silver and £230 ($452) for the OPL. » 2/09/07 8:00pm 2/09/07 8:00pm

Samsung NV3 Gets Orientally Lacquered

The cheap-yet-good Samsung NV3 cameras get a slight upgrade, as Samsung's giving them two optional finishes. For those who don't like the black brushed metal look, there's going to be a silver version and an NV3 OPL version. OPL, of course, stands for Oriental Plant Lacquer—doesn't everyone know that? » 2/07/07 4:50pm 2/07/07 4:50pm