Origami Experience 2.0 Ready For Download For UMPC Owners (Vista Only)

Microsoft has released its second version of the Origami Experience, making it available as a free download for Ultra-Mobile PC users with Windows Vista. The OE 2.0 software includes Picture Password, Weather, RSS functionality, an e-mail client, calender and other web features – basically what you get with Vista,… »6/14/08 5:30pm6/14/08 5:30pm


Vista UMPC Screenshots: Can a New OS Save Origami?

Aside from a few models, there haven't been many UMPCs that have impressed us. The combination of high price and bulky looks have kept these "miniature" PCs from gaining any ground. But with Vista on the horizon, Microsoft has new plans for its UMPCs—plans it's calling the Origami Experience. The Origami Experience… »1/17/07 12:46pm1/17/07 12:46pm