An Ungodly 24 GB of RAM in One Desktop-Whipping Notebook

ORIGIN PC spits upon your battery life expectations. EON17 Gaming Notebook boasts an Intel Core i7 980X desktop processor, dual Nvidia Fermi GeForce GTX 480Ms, and most astoundingly, 24 GB of memory. Feel free to keep all those tabs open. » 9/27/10 11:00am 9/27/10 11:00am

Origin's Big O Stuffs an Xbox 360 Into a Gaming Desktop Hellbeast

The ingredients that went into Origin's Big O monster are decidedly prime: six-core Xeon 5680 processor, overclocking up to 4.3GHz, crazy graphics power. And the cherry on top is an integrated, liquid-cooled Xbox 360 slim in every rig. That's nasty. » 9/07/10 11:20am 9/07/10 11:20am

Former Alienware Execs Go Back to Their Origin For Eon18 Gaming Laptop

In the wake of Dell's acquisition of Alienware in 2006, three key execs decided to jump ship. Their mission: to make top-tier gaming PCs the way Alienware used to. The result: a company called Origin, and the Eon18 laptop » 2/18/10 5:44pm 2/18/10 5:44pm