Hide Your Holiday Booze On Your Tree With These Ornament Shot Glasses

Nothing makes dealing with visiting friends and families during the holidays easier than a little liquid courage. But if you don't feel like sharing your libations, just decorate your Christmas tree with these screw-top ornaments that make it easy to hide your booze in plain sight. Every time you need a nip, just… »11/26/14 5:00pm11/26/14 5:00pm


Death Star (Ornament): That's No Moon (Ornament)

Guaranteeing supreme festive superiority for any tree it hangs on, this glowing Death Star ornament is actually a fun DIY project you can use to keep any kids—or restless adults—entertained leading up to the holidays. And the project lets you blur the line between being the Emperor and Martha Stewart—a line that may… »12/12/13 11:06am12/12/13 11:06am

Classic Controller Ornaments Will 1-Up Your Holiday Spirit

Your Christmas tree says as much about you as it does your love for the holidays. So this year why not skip the traditional ornaments like glass bulbs and shiny stars and go for something that will bring real character to your tree? If you've been a gamer for as long as you can remember, ThinkGeek's got a $20 set of … »11/05/13 5:03pm11/05/13 5:03pm

Art.Lebedev Camouflage Christmas Ornaments May Disappear on Your Tree

Leave it to the Art.Lebedev Studio, maker of expensive keyboard prototypes and whimsical objets d'art, to give you a skewed take on an everyday item, and these camouflage Christmas tree ornaments are no exception. Art calls them the "SHAR-404 portable set for improvement of forest units in the face of the new… »12/21/07 10:15am12/21/07 10:15am