George Orwell Becomes a Blogger: Diaries Published "Real Time," 70 Years Late

To mark the 70th anniversary of the diaries of George Orwell they're being published online "live" as a blog, 70 years to the day he wrote them. The project started August 9th, and so far the entries are about strangely bland stuff: the weather and the antics of catching some snakes at his home. More what you'd expect… »8/11/08 10:30am8/11/08 10:30am

House Denies Warrantless Wiretapping Immunity For Telcos

In a textbook display of checks and balances, the House of Representatives defied President Bush and the Senate yesterday by passing their version of a surveillance bill without legal immunity for telcos. The bill passed by only 16 votes, far from the 2/3 majority needed to override Bush's inevitable veto. It looks… »3/15/08 1:55pm3/15/08 1:55pm

Airport Tunnel of Truth Peers Into Your Soul (But Not Your Sneakers)

Waiting in line at the airport sucks. Especially with people who act all surprised when they get to the scanners and suddenly bust babies, knives, lighters and giant sports bottles of water out of their pocket. Well, Transportation Security Laboratory Director Susan Hallowell wants to combine the harrowing misery of… »2/22/08 4:50pm2/22/08 4:50pm

Snuggly the Security Bear Explains: Warrantless Wiretapping Is All About Love and Freedom

If you're still confused about the whole warrantless domestic spying program that the telecoms colluded with the government on (which is being conveniently shuffled away from official scrutiny, forever), Snuggly the Security Bear by Mark Fiore sums it all up in the absolute cuddliest way possible. [Mark Fiore via … »2/14/08 11:25pm2/14/08 11:25pm

Last Chance to Save Our Privacy Rights from Warrantless Domestic Spying

While the Senate passed the bill giving telecoms like AT&T and Verizon a free pass on their collusion with government to warrentlessly wiretap American citizens, there's one last hope we might one day find out the scope and depth of the program. The House's version of the bill does not include a telecom immunity… »2/14/08 8:14am2/14/08 8:14am