Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Gloriously Good Enough

Windows 8.1's recent update was a subtle but effective boost. Windows Phone's 8.1 power up follows the same cues. It's not mind-blowing, it's not world-changing, it's nothing to jump around and scream about, but it turns Windows Phone into something it's never quite been before: an OS that's totally good enough. » 4/14/14 8:00am 4/14/14 8:00am

HP Would Very Much Rather You Buy a Windows 7 PC

HP is bringing back Windows 7 "by popular demand"—it's not clear from whom—and making it pretty difficult to buy a computer with Windows 8. Who needs the future when you've got the very recent past? » 1/20/14 9:04am 1/20/14 9:04am

Google Removes New Android Privacy Feature, Says It Was an Accident

Yesterday, we published a blog post lauding an extremely important app privacy feature that was added in Android 4.3. That feature allows users to install apps while preventing the app from collecting sensitive data like the user's location or address book. » 12/13/13 2:57pm 12/13/13 2:57pm

Frosted Glass Effects: Why I Switched to Android After All These Years

Some people have called me an Apple fanboy. I stood in line for hours for the first iPhone and then again for almost every new iOS device that came out. I own more Apple devices than t-shirts (I’m not a big t-shirt fan, but still, it’s a lot of devices…). And I have convinced quite a few people over the years to… » 8/06/13 10:30am 8/06/13 10:30am

Here's the List of Macs Compatible With OS X Mavericks

Yesterday's announcement of OS X Mavericks unveiled some pretty cool new features coming to your Mac—but Cook and co forgot to explain just which computers would support the new OS. Fortunately, Apple Insider has chatted with people familiar with the Mavericks Developer Preview to draw up a list of the Macs which are… » 6/11/13 5:51am 6/11/13 5:51am

Take a Look at Windows 8.1 in Action

By now you've probably read all about the upcoming OS update that is Windows 8.1, and come to terms with the fact that it's perhaps not the complete redesign that was rumored, or you were hoping for. Still, this video does at least show you some of the changes you can find in action. » 6/05/13 7:52am 6/05/13 7:52am

Almost Flat: The Future of iOS Design?

‘Completely flat’, ‘like Android’, ‘Microsoft-flat’ etc., etc., etc. The talk about how Apple are going to ‘flatten out’ their UI style has set the rumour-mills ablaze with completely spurious conjecture. So I thought I’d add to it. However, let’s approach this not from ‘what one insider source told someone’ but… » 5/15/13 6:00am 5/15/13 6:00am