Apple Says Two Million Copies of Leopard Sold in First Weekend

Today Apple reported that starting Friday, October 26 through the weekend, it sold 2 million copies of Leopard, saying it beat Tiger as "the most successful OS release in Apple's history." Sales include software shipping with new Macs as well as boxed copies bought at brick-and-mortar and online. Steve Jobs'… »10/30/07 8:32am10/30/07 8:32am

Leopard Disk Utility Format Issue Screws With Time Machine (But There's An Easy Fix)

Click to viewThe bad news is, we have discovered a Leopard-related issue that may very well throw a monkey wrench into your Time Machine. Anyone trying to use Time Machine with a previously PC-formatted drive could be at risk. The good news is, there is an easy—albeit none-too-obvious—fix. Here's the dilly-o: »10/30/07 12:00am10/30/07 12:00am

Apple Confirms October 26th Leopard Ship Date, Preorders Start Now

Click to viewThe horse has spoken: The eagerly anticipated, occasionally delayed Mac OS 10.5 Leopard is finally shipping. It will be available in 10 days, on Friday, October 26th, at 6pm in Apple Stores and at authorized resellers. Leopard may be the most ambitious MacOS update since the switch to OS X, with new… »10/16/07 8:30am10/16/07 8:30am