What Do You Think Of iPhone OS 3.0?

You already know what we think, but now that you have had some time to play around with the new iPhone OS 3.0, what are your impressions on both its major features and the update overall? » 6/17/09 5:00pm 6/17/09 5:00pm

iPhone 3.0 Clarifications: Yes, It's Coming Today; No, It's Not Out Yet

There have been some rumblings that iPhone OS 3.0, scheduled for release today, is actually coming out tomorrow. Don't panic! It'll still come out midday today, so long as you don't live in East Asia. » 6/17/09 6:17am 6/17/09 6:17am

iPhone OS 3.0 Available on June 17th

In case you missed it, the iPhone 3.0 software will be available worldwide on June 17th (today for developers). It will be free for iPhone owners and $9.95 for Touch. There are also some new features unveiled at WWDC. » 6/08/09 2:00pm 6/08/09 2:00pm

Belkin's TuneCast GPS-Assisted FM Transmitter Is Like Putting a DVR…

Much like putting a DVR into a VHS player, Belkin's TuneCast Auto Live utilizes really good technology to support something that isn't all that great. More specifically, it uses GPS coordinates and the iPhone (3.0) to identify the best FM frequencies. » 6/04/09 2:00pm 6/04/09 2:00pm