OS X 10.7.2 Sneakily Fixed One of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Lion

With all the hubbub over iOS 5, iCloud, and the iPhone last week, a pretty big change to OS X (for power-using dweebs like me) slipped by unnoticed: You can now rearrange Spaces and Full Screen apps from Mission Control. » 10/19/11 1:40pm 10/19/11 1:40pm

OS X Lion 10.7.1 Is Out

Apple just released OS X Lion 10.7.1, the first update to the operating system since Lion was released in July. The update clears up bugs with video playback in Safari, audio playback, and transferring settings to a new Mac. It also improves Wi-Fi connectivity. [BGR] » 8/16/11 5:10pm 8/16/11 5:10pm

Why Did Apple Obliterate a Galaxy From the Lion Wallpaper?

Now there are two reasons to change Apple's generic OS X 10.7 wallpaper to a custom one: it's a fake. A professor of physics spotted Apple's source, which was astrophotographer Robert Gendler's image of the Andromeda Galaxy. » 8/12/11 7:35am 8/12/11 7:35am

Oops: Apple Overcharged Some Lion Downloaders $4,000

I wonder if Apple's platinum sales for OS X Lion were boosted by these accidental overcharging incidents, which left one guy with a bill for $3,878.40. That's 122 downloads' worth of Lion, in case you're struggling with the math. » 8/01/11 4:55am 8/01/11 4:55am

Google Adds Two-Finger Lion Gestures to Chrome, But Cocks Up the…

Obviously those who disabled natural scrolling are laughing. But as you may've noticed already, Chrome's three-finger left/right swipe to navigate through previously-viewed pages has been broken in Lion, because that gesture now flips between desktops. » 7/27/11 4:40am 7/27/11 4:40am

Adobe Takes Back What It Said About Lion Disabling Flash Hardware…

Yesterday, Adobe wrote of its suspicions that OS X Lion has had Flash Player hardware acceleration disabled, which could be why Flash is proving to be a bit buggy. They've since retracted what they said, writing: » 7/22/11 7:30am 7/22/11 7:30am

OS X Lion Might Disable Flash Hardware Acceleration

Flash on OSX Lion is a TAD BIT BUGGY right now. That's not lost on Adobe, and they've posted a document of all known issues with 10.7. One issue they suspect, but can't prove: Apple disabled hardware acceleration with Flash. » 7/21/11 9:36am 7/21/11 9:36am

The OS X Lion Survival Guide

Okay, so OS X Lion isn't perfect. But chances are that probably isn't going to stop you from picking it up. With that in mind, here's our guide to help you make the most of Apple's new OS. » 7/20/11 11:30am 7/20/11 11:30am

You Can Download OS X Lion Right Now

Although it's (weirdly?) not a "featured app," OS X Lion is indeed now available for download from the Mac App Store. The 3.5GB download will cost you $30, and upgrades your Mac with over 250 new features—some of which you may be just as happy without. » 7/20/11 8:56am 7/20/11 8:56am

Sound the Alarms, the Apple Store Is Down

This is one of the first occasions where we've been handed the day's launches on a silver platter—Apple's Peter Oppenheimer confirmed yesterday that OS X Lion will be available for download today. Also expected? MacBook Airs, white MacBooks and Mac Minis. [Apple Store] » 7/20/11 5:30am 7/20/11 5:30am

Confirmed: OS X Lion Hits Mac App Store Shelves Tomorrow

According to Apple's Peter Oppenheimer, speaking on today's earnings call, Mac OS X Lion—as rumored—will go on sale tomorrow. You'll be able to pick it up in Apple Stores or download it at the Mac App store for $30. Unless, uh, you'd rather take a pass. » 7/19/11 5:16pm 7/19/11 5:16pm

Download OS X Lion for Free at Apple Stores if Your Connection's Too…

If you're on dialup (Sorry), a horrible dorm network, or your roommate hogs all the bandwidth with his love of True Blood torrents and pornography, you'll have trouble getting the download-only OS X Lion. Computerworld">But Apple's got you covered. » 6/22/11 9:54am 6/22/11 9:54am

The Best of the 240 Unsung Features in OS X Lion

Launchpad! Mission Control! Airdrop! Lion's packing so many bold new features that the keynote sounded like chatter from a missile silo. Apple highlighted the ten big ones, but what about the other 240? There are some hidden gems. Let's look! » 6/06/11 5:34pm 6/06/11 5:34pm

WWDC 2011 Predictions: Here Comes iCloud, But What Else?

Apple made the bold move of pre-announcing its WWDC offerings last week, but we're sure there will still be surprises aplenty. Be sure to check out our liveblog today for breaking news; in the meantime, here are our predictions: » 6/06/11 9:00am 6/06/11 9:00am

iCloud Is Coming to WWDC

Apple is finally ready to show off iCloud, its cloud service that they built that massive data center for. It was always a matter of when, rather than if, but at WWDC, we'll finally get to see what they're planning. » 5/31/11 9:25am 5/31/11 9:25am

OS X Lion Developer Preview 3 Here: New Finder Graphics and Who Knows…

OS X Lion Developer Preview 3 is out. We're not totally sure what all is new yet, but some early stuff spotted by MacStories includes: "A new boot animation, new graphical elements in the Finders toolbar, new desktop wallpapers and the Reading List, now enabled in Safari." » 5/13/11 7:10pm 5/13/11 7:10pm

The Seamless, Automagical Future of Software Updates

OS X Lion is coming to the Mac App Store, ushering in a new era of digital distribution for their desktop operating system. And rumors are flying that iOS devices will soon receive over-the-air updates. If we had to smash these two pieces of information together and speculate about the future a little bit, we'd say… » 5/05/11 2:00pm 5/05/11 2:00pm

OS X Lion Will Be Downloadable Through The Mac App Store

Apple Insider says that not only will OS X Lion be downloadable through the Mac App Store, it will be their main focus for distribution of the new operating system (the purported screenshot above supports that claim). » 5/04/11 4:51pm 5/04/11 4:51pm

Is Find My Mac Coming to OSX Lion?

Cant remember if you left your MBP with Kandalaria or Sauceray? Well, you're in luck! It looks like a Mac-specific version of the popular Find My iPhone app, which locates and locks your iOS device remotely, could roll out with the release of OSX 10.7 Lion. While there's already been plenty of speculation that Apple… » 4/29/11 6:56pm 4/29/11 6:56pm