IBM's Failed Operating System OS/2 Is 25 Years Old—But It Still Powers…

On April 2 1987, IBM launched its plan to revolutionize the PC industry: a next-generation operating system called OS/2. Co-developed by IBM and Microsoft, it was designed to replace DOS and change the way we used computers. Sadly, it didn't. But it still crops up in some of the weirdest places. » 4/03/12 5:56am 4/03/12 5:56am

BlackBerry PlayBook OS2 Is Available to Download

As predicted, RIM's attempt to salvage the PlayBook—an updated operating system—is available today. Now, basic tablet functionality can be had by PlayBook users: e-mail, calendar and contacts programs, as well as a scattering of ported Android apps. The update is available now, via the PlayBook's Software Updates… » 2/21/12 5:40am 2/21/12 5:40am

If Blackberry Playbook OS2 Drops Next Week and No One's Around to…

RIM's Playbook tablet hasn't exactly been a blockbuster success (or even much of a "success") since its initial launch last year—due in part to a clunky UI and lack of basic features. However, according to a report by N4BB, the vastly improved Playbook OS 2 could start rolling out next week. » 2/14/12 8:15pm 2/14/12 8:15pm

Palm Slips OS 2 Date, New Smartphones Due Later in 2009

Palm's been quietly developing its OS II, and says it'll now be finished by the end of this year, meaning we can expect to see handsets bearing the OS sometime after June 2009. It's another delay to the Linux-based OS, also dubbed Nova, with Palm's CEO originally promising OS II handsets in 2007: current Palms like… » 9/22/08 7:59am 9/22/08 7:59am