This Insanely-Detailed Model Used to Plot Bin Laden's Death Took Six Weeks to Build

This is the once-classified model of Osama Bin Laden's compound—the one used to plan the Navy SEAL raid against the terrorist leader. From a distance, this model could be a piece you'd see in a museum, but in the details, you'll see the painstaking work that went into this tool which helped kill the devil lying inside. »5/17/12 7:00pm5/17/12 7:00pm


E-Mail Confused Osama, and 5 Other Revelations From the Bin Laden Files

Osama bin Laden may have been the evil mastermind behind the world's most successful terrorist group. But in his final days, he sounded more and more like your great aunt Henrietta: nagging his subordinates for not hating America enough - the terrorist equivalent of telling the kids to get off his lawn - and getting… »5/03/12 6:20pm5/03/12 6:20pm

Secret Service Grills Boy Who Warned President About Suicide Bombers on Facebook

There's an old sketch from MTV's brilliant The State, where a kid reprimands his obnoxious classmates, saying, "You can't even joke about it! You just can't say 'Gee, wouldn't it be great if we shot the President,'" which results in a swarm of Secret Service agents flooding the classroom and carrying him away. Well,… »5/18/11 7:20am5/18/11 7:20am