Norway's New Currency Design Is Perfectly Pixelated High-Concept Art

With last week's news that Oslo had pulled out of the 2022 Winter Olympics, I got really sad—mostly that we wouldn't see the beautiful identity from the architects at Snøhetta brought to life. But here's a consolation: Snøhetta won a competition to redesign Norway's currency. And the pixelated landscapes they designed… »10/08/14 1:47pm10/08/14 1:47pm

Why Norway Might Have to Tear Down These Massive Picasso Murals

Norway finds itself in a tough conundrum after a terrorist attack crippled a pair of Brutalist buildings in downtown Oslo. Tearing down the buildings is one thing—they're crumbling, controversial and, well, brutal. Destroying the Picasso murals carved into the concrete, however, is an entirely different matter. »10/18/13 12:00pm10/18/13 12:00pm

Oslo Celebrated New Year's Eve with More Fireworks Than You

This incredible photo was taken two minutes after midnight in Oslo, Norway. While some cities might set off fireworks from one location to celebrate the ringing in of 2008, the people in Oslo went crazy, setting off fireworks pretty much everywhere. But hey, when you're a city where spending over $10 on a beer is… »1/02/08 11:05am1/02/08 11:05am

His Royal Steveness a Late Entry for 2007's Best-Dressed Lists

Dear Steve, I knew you could do it— get away from that zen-inspired "one single look means one minute in the closet" sartorial philosophy. But a shirt and tie? Oh, my son, you look positively ravishing. Look how the silver tie brings out the distinguished saltiness of your hair, puts a ruddy fairness in your cheeks, … »12/11/07 6:16am12/11/07 6:16am