The Sistine Chapel Will Soon Be Lit Up With 7,000 Bright LEDs

Though talented with a brush, the Renaissance masters didn't know much about art preservation. So over the years their paintings faded with exposure to sunlight. Even Michelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was subjected to sun damage until the Vatican sealed off its windows in the 1980s. But… »10/09/14 1:18pm10/09/14 1:18pm


OLED Room Lights Nearer as BASF, Osram Break Brightness Record

OLED »11/25/08 9:45am11/25/08 9:45am technology keeps getting cooler: first there was the "" invention, and now there's news that BASF and Osram have broken the brightness record. For the first time a white OLED has achieved an efficiency of over 60 lumens per Watt, plus the device's light output falls within the international Energy Star SSL…

Osram Pushes White LEDS to World-Record Brightness, Super Efficiency

It's an interesting week in the world of LEDs: on the weekend we heard about ultra-cheap ones, and today Osram (yes, the lightbulb people) has news that they've pushed white LEDs to world-record brightness. By optimizing the diode, light converter and the package, their lab test squeezed 500 lumens out of a single LED… »7/22/08 4:33am7/22/08 4:33am