What WWII's Top Secret Spy Manual Can Teach You About Wilderness Survival

Before there was a CIA there was England’s Special Operations Executive. And, as WWII heated up, it put all of its collective tradecraft knowledge into a single training manual. And, it turns out that training spies to operate behind enemy lines is often good training for going outdoors, too. »11/10/15 7:15pm11/10/15 7:15pm


Microsoft Settles on "Windows 7" For Official Name of Next OS

Here we were, thinking Windows 7 »10/13/08 6:27pm10/13/08 6:27pm was simply a codename (and a fairly boring one at that—where's ? ?). Now, on the official , MS has came out and declared "Windows 7" the official name of Vista's successor, dev-only pre-betas of which will be released at the upcoming WinHEC and PDC developer conferences over the next…

Dispute Over Model Train Control Software Just Became a Landmark Open-Source Copyright Case

Robert Jacobsen wrote a nice piece of software for everyone with a Lionel set in their garage and released it under an open-source license. Fine and dandy. But after a company jacked his code and released it as a commercial product, Jacobsen understandably got a little pissed and sued. After God knows how many… »8/14/08 8:56am8/14/08 8:56am

Resistance Isn't Futile: Explosive Edible Flour, Cigarette Guns and Other WWII OSS Tricks

To kick off our CIA gadget series, I'm starting with something from the beginning, well, before the beginning: covert weaponry sent to resistance fighters behind enemy lines during WWII. They thought of all kinds of disruptive technologies, including exploding edible flour, cigarette-shaped single-use guns and other… »5/21/08 2:20pm5/21/08 2:20pm