The State of Android Froyo Updates Isn't Pretty

Android 2.2 has been out since May. But that doesn't mean your Android phone has been served a scoop of Froyo yet. Here, from Computerworld, is your complete guide to what handset got upgraded when, and who's been shut out. » 1/14/11 8:40am 1/14/11 8:40am

Kindle 2.5 Update Trickles Out With Facebook In Tow

Amazon had set a target of late May for their Facebook-friendly Kindle 2.5 update, and it looks as though they're on schedule. Reports from users have started trickling in—at least for Kindle DX—meaning that the broad OTA release has begun. » 5/24/10 8:49am 5/24/10 8:49am

Kindle 2.5 Update Details: Kindle Gets Facebook After Your Grandparents…

Hey, kids... heard of this Facebook thing that's been hitting the internet? Amazon did! And they're integrating it, along with some newfangled Twitter whatnot, in their Kindle 2.5 software update—along with some other, less-belated goodies. » 4/29/10 8:38am 4/29/10 8:38am