Tokyo National University Begins Anime Graduate Program, Otaku Applicants Surge Overnight

Starting next year, the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts will have something that's long overdue for an otaku-rich country: a two-year graduate degree in anime production—the first for a non-private institution in Japan. Courses will be taught by full-time professionals from the anime world including Koji… »12/05/07 11:43pm12/05/07 11:43pm

Japanese Bureaucrats Busted for Editing Gundam Wikipedia Entries on the Job

Six Japanese government drones in the Agriculture Ministry were given a verbal wag of the finger for dumping hours of worktime into editing Wikipedia, with one guy racking up over 260 contributions to Gundam-related entries. Speaking for the ministry on the matter, an official commented that "the Agriculture Ministry… »10/05/07 2:45pm10/05/07 2:45pm