Vets miraculously save life of lioness who got mauled by buffalo

Siena is a lioness who recently got severely mauled by a buffalo. It's so bad that looking at her standing up with her leg almost ripped off her body looks like a surreal scene from a zombie movie. Happily, the vets rushed to save her life so she could take care of her cubs. WARNING: VERY STRONG IMAGES. » 4/16/14 12:45am Wednesday 12:45am

Getting hit by a 25-foot wave is like being inside a water tornado

When you get swallowed by the waves of the biggest sea monster in the world (also known as the wonderful ocean), there's not much you can do but protect your head and hope you know which way is up. It's like being trapped inside a water tornado. This footage, captured by pro surfer Mark Healey, shows the exact feeling… » 1/27/14 9:57pm 1/27/14 9:57pm

Watch This Poor Guy Lose $1430 Worth of Camera and Drone In Icy Waters

Drones: The reason future humans won't have to do some very dangerous things. That includes not piloting vehicles for crazy aerial photography. And this video proves that we're better off letting the drones do the dirty for us. About four minutes in, the UAV takes a dive into the drink. Brrr. » 12/10/13 6:33pm 12/10/13 6:33pm

Watch a real life Human Torch create fire with his bare hands

Who knew that one of the easiest superhero powers to get (at least on a neutered, pathetic human scale) is the Human Torch's Flame On power? If you're Russian and/or drink a lot of vodka, you can use a hot wire and a debauched sense of pain to create fire with your bare hands. Just pour fuel on the ground, hold a hot… » 12/06/13 8:27pm 12/06/13 8:27pm

Stephen Fry Slams the BlackBerry Storm

We have a soft spot for genius comedian-actor-writer-gadget-juggler Stephen Fry » 11/27/08 11:19pm 11/27/08 11:19pm here at the Giz. He speaks things as he sees them, as an end user, with his usual wit. Lately he has been playing with a BlackBerry Storm and, like , he thinks that it's no you-know-who killer. In fact, he completely smashes it in his…

Rage Wireless Guitar Leaks Acid, Can Burn Your Rock Jewels

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled all the 57,000 $55 Rage Wireless Guitars sold to date, all made in China. The reason: A circuit board defect that can cause the AA batteries included to leak acid if they are installed incorrectly. This means the acid may reach consumers flesh and product chemical… » 10/22/08 7:00pm 10/22/08 7:00pm