This Graceful Orion Test Flight Is Really Simulating a Launch Disaster

NASA's Orion spacecraft is this generation's moonshot: mankind's first-ever manned spacecraft built to go beyond the moon into deep space. It's equipped with a Launch Abort System that safely lands the craft if a problem occurs during liftoff. This week, NASA drop-tested the system. Falling from 13,000 feet never… »4/25/14 10:00am4/25/14 10:00am

Russian Cargo Spacecraft Set to Swan Dive into the Pacific — This happens all the time, please be SELECTIVE on space stories or any off topic

Progress 46, a Russian cargo spacecraft carrying about a ton of space waste, is schedule to splash down into the Pacific ocean today, at approximately 6:45pm Moscow time. The spacecraft's specifically targeted "burial site" is in a remote region of the water, far from any shipping routes, though by the time it's… »4/28/12 2:20am4/28/12 2:20am

An Awkward History of Our Space Transmissions

Ever since humanity has been able to launch projectiles into space to take nosey pictures that make us all feel insignificant, a major priority has been to somehow communicate with any alien life forms that might come across this space detritus and wonder who shot a space probe right into their upper atmosphere. Using… »3/21/11 11:20am3/21/11 11:20am

Apollo Astronaut Claims Asteroid-Nuking Missile Program Is Front For Weaponizing Space

When you listen to Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart talk about the US government's current approach to deflecting ELE asteroids away from Earth, you'd be excused for thinking the great minds at NASA had watched Armageddon a few too many times. That's because NASA's preferred method, as outlined in a 2007 report, is… »7/27/08 8:00pm7/27/08 8:00pm