Newer Technology Power2U USB Wall Outlet Lightning Review: A Pain in the Ass, but Worth It

No matter what proprietary plug your favorite gadget uses to charge, chances are the other end terminates in that ubiquitous electronic duckbill: The USB Type A connector. It's five volts of future fury. If you're like me, you have USB wall warts sticking out of every outlet in your house. »4/09/12 2:00pm4/09/12 2:00pm


Sony's New Outlet Will Charge You to Charge up in Public

Last month, Sony announced its intentions to unleash two "smart outlets" on the world that would use NFC and RFID to authenticate users and monitor electricity consumption on a micro level. While it may someday be handy for charging up electric cars, in the near-term it's more likely that in the near future, you'll… »3/16/12 5:40pm3/16/12 5:40pm