Cooking thermite on a stove burns the entire oven in an endless fire

Burning food on a stove top sucks. Burning thermite on a stove top? It totally epic because flames shoot up ridiculously high and burn ridiculously bright and is just totally ridiculous in general. I mean, it burns right through the saucepan, makes a hole through the stove top and then fire drips right into the oven. »11/17/15 1:48am11/17/15 1:48am


Watch the scary power of a microwave oven make plasma and burn things

Yowza. Here’s a crazy rigged contraption that uses microwave energy from cavity magnetron to generate plasma and burn the heck out of things faster than you can warm a Hot Pocket. We can see it squeeze out plasma in a lightbulb, shatter glass and make basically anything burn. It’s a neat exercise to show how powerful… »9/14/15 8:45pm9/14/15 8:45pm

This Eco-Friendly Oven Stinks (Because It Runs On Garbage)

In the Kenyan slum of Kibera, outside of Nairobi, an oven fueled by garbage is now in testing. At its heart is a superheated steel plate that vaporizes drops of water. The oxygen released burns discarded sump oil from vehicles, reaching even higher temperatures up to 930° Fahrenheit. Garbage is then used to maintain… »11/02/07 1:58pm11/02/07 1:58pm

TurboChef Speedcook Oven Ruins Dinner 15 Times Faster

Besides looking rather bad-ass, this TurboChef Speedcook oven can allegedly cook your culinary masterpieces 15 times faster than an ordinary oven. It works with similar principles to convection ovens, except instead of simply moving air around the inside, the Airspeed Technology apparently blasts your roast from the… »3/12/07 12:29pm3/12/07 12:29pm

Turbochef Speedcook Oven: Air and Waves Do a 12-Pound Turkey in 45 Minutes

The international builder's show just went down, and among the home automation madness, it was impossible to miss this oven's claim that it can cook a 12-pound bird in 45 minutes. That's 3 hours faster than a standard oven. They say it uses Airspeed technology, but from the diagram and flash animations, I'd say it… »2/16/07 4:20pm2/16/07 4:20pm