Nokia Delays N-Gage Game Portal as Warner Pulls from Its Music Store

Yes, the title could have been "Nokia's Crappy Friday": Reuters says the N-Gage gaming service and the new music store are "among the cornerstones" of Nokia's big mobile-content push, yet today neither one is where it's supposed to be. »11/02/07 9:22am11/02/07 9:22am

Of greater concern is the music store. Nokia stuck its toe in the OTA download…

Pinnacle Systems' PCTV To Go: Over-The-Air HDTV On Your Laptop + PVR

Pinnacle Systems sees itself as the great mobile TV enabler and just launched two antennae here at CES, the PCTV To Go HD Wireless and Pinnacle PCTV To Go. They also function as placeshifters, allowing you to watch whatever's on your home TV remotely on your laptop, a la Slingbox. I just saw the wireless version in… »1/09/07 5:37pm1/09/07 5:37pm