XO OLPC Overclocked: Now it Means Business (Kind of)

Think that the OLPC's 433 MHz Geode LX 700 CPU is just too wimpy? Well, now you can toughen up it a bit and give it some processor bite by overclocking that mother. A post on OPLC News Hacks forum shows exactly how to do it: it boils down to some simple code to type into the open firmware prompt of an unlocked… » 3/27/08 7:07am 3/27/08 7:07am

Liquid Nitrogen Keeps Overclocked 5GHz CPU from Cooking

Chances are you won't be seeing this kind of action from your friend's overclocked system, but the crew at Universal ABIT showed off a Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU overclocked from 2.93GHz to 5GHz. The CPU was churning out Pi calculations while keeping cool with liquid nitrogen. The purpose was to show off their new AB9… » 6/14/07 10:30am 6/14/07 10:30am