Anki's Officially Killed Slot Cars With Overdrive's Customizable Tracks

Anki delivered a devastating blow to slot cars with its original Drive set, giving tiny RC cars a brain so they could stay on a track without the need for a peg underneath. But with Overdrive slot cars are officially dead now that your track can be any shape you want, complete with U-turns, intersections, and jumps. » 7/02/15 7:38am 7/02/15 7:38am

Better Watch Out, iPhone Coverage is Kicking Into Overdrive

Yeah that's right, 3 posts in-a-row about the iPhone. We're just that crazy!
This is just an early warning for those of you that are completely sick of hearing about the iPhone. You better stay far, far away from Gizmodo over the next week. Or you could just go here, and every last iPhone related story (Past, Present… » 6/22/07 8:20pm 6/22/07 8:20pm