Soon You'll Be Borrowing Kindle Ebooks From Your Local Library

Amazon's announced—but not yet activated—a new service that will let you take out (read: download) ebooks from your local library and enjoy them on your Kindle or Kindle app. » 4/20/11 9:46am 4/20/11 9:46am

Sprint's Overdrive Pro WiMax Hotspot Coming Soon

Sprint's latest 4G hotspot, the Overdrive Pro, is coming on March 20, allowing 8 users to connect over wi-fi b/g/n (instead of 5), and access the NAS-enabled microSD storage slot and GPS functionality. It's $50 with a two-year contract. [Slashgear] » 3/18/11 2:19pm 3/18/11 2:19pm

Say Goodbye to Unlimited Wireless Data Plans

While thinking about how AT&T screwed everyone by killing unlimited wireless data, we remembered that we saw this coming a few months ago. Here's another look at what we already realized back then. » 6/04/10 12:00am 6/04/10 12:00am

Say Goodbye to Unlimited Wireless Data Plans

You know how you pay a fixed monthly fee for your phone, and can check email and Twitter, surf the web and the Yelp app anytime you like without counting minutes or megabytes? Yeah, well that's all gonna end. » 3/12/10 4:20pm 3/12/10 4:20pm

The Gear We Used At CES

New gadgets are the stars of CES, but there was a ton of gear behind the scenes that was instrumental to our coverage of the event. Here's what kept us alive in Vegas. » 1/13/10 5:40pm 1/13/10 5:40pm

Sprint Overdrive Pocket WiMax Router Hands On: Oversized Internet, Tiny…

The Overdrive is Sprint's WiMax dream, in a little box. And mine too, I confess: Real broadband that I can shove in my pocket and take anywhere, a teleporting Wi-Fi hotspot. » 1/07/10 11:59am 1/07/10 11:59am

Sprint Overdrive Mobile WiMax Hub Lets Five People Share One Fat…

Sprint's Overdrive hub is a lot more than a cellular modem: It's got dual 4G/3G connectivity, shared connections with up to five devices over Wi-Fi, and can serve as a sort of mini NAS, with shared microSD storage. » 1/06/10 11:00pm 1/06/10 11:00pm

ATI Radeon HD 5970: The World's Fastest Graphics Card

The ATI Radeon HD 5970 slaughters the competition in pretty much every benchmark thrown at it. It's outrageously fast. We're talking five teraflops here, people. Teraflops. » 11/18/09 2:20am 11/18/09 2:20am

Better Watch Out, iPhone Coverage is Kicking Into Overdrive

Yeah that's right, 3 posts in-a-row about the iPhone. We're just that crazy!
This is just an early warning for those of you that are completely sick of hearing about the iPhone. You better stay far, far away from Gizmodo over the next week. Or you could just go here, and every last iPhone related story (Past, Present… » 6/22/07 8:20pm 6/22/07 8:20pm