SIM2 HT3000E Projector Modulates Light With Millisecond Precision

Here's the new HT3000E 1080p DLP projector from home cinema gourmet house SIM2. Beyond looking great in Darth Vader's private screening room, the HT3000E comes with a technology called Unishape, which modulates the light intensity according to the image content "with millisecond precision, similar to a waveform… » 6/19/07 7:37am 6/19/07 7:37am

B&O BeoVision 7 Fully Satisfies the Snob in You

Yes, they did it again. Danish pals, clown number and technology re-packers Bang & Olufsen want to sell you another Samsung LCD panel in a nice box: the BeoVision 7. Nothing wrong with that. Their 40-inch TV with integrated DVD and central speaker certainly looks amazing, but when Kim Gravesen, B&O Chief here, says … » 6/14/07 5:30pm 6/14/07 5:30pm