Nokia Ovi App Store Now Open to Everyone (Updated)

Nokia has quietly opened Ovi marketplace to the US and elsewhere, giving Symbian users the world over an app store to call their own. And from the looks of it, it's a nice one. UPDATED

The web interface is attractive and easy to use, with a simple "Send to Mobile" button serving in lieu of a central transfer program… » 5/26/09 3:53am 5/26/09 3:53am

Nokia Asks Jobs If iTunes Can Come Out and Play

Does Nokia's multimedia guru Anssi Vanjoki read Gizmodo? A few months back, when Nokia launched its Ovi mobile media portal, our own personal Jesus ridiculed its use of Windows Mobile content as not being able to keep up with iTunes. Well, right or wrong, Nokia got the message, and Vanjoki is now inviting Steve Jobs… » 12/26/07 12:24pm 12/26/07 12:24pm

Nokia Delays N-Gage Game Portal as Warner Pulls from Its Music Store

Yes, the title could have been "Nokia's Crappy Friday": Reuters says the N-Gage gaming service and the new music store are "among the cornerstones" of Nokia's big mobile-content push, yet today neither one is where it's supposed to be. » 11/02/07 9:22am 11/02/07 9:22am

Of greater concern is the music store. Nokia stuck its toe in the OTA download…