What words were invented the year you were born?

As far as humans are concerned, the world didn't exist until, well, they existed. That means anything that happened before you were born is mere fairy tales and make believe conversation. But what about those words that filled those tales and conversations? When did they start existing? When were those words born?… »12/20/13 10:56pm12/20/13 10:56pm

The Oxford English Dictionary Hearts <3 as First Purely Symbolic Word

The stuffy old OED—the last word in what is and is not the English language—has decreed that <3 is a word. Or rather, the vertical version of that. It's the first time a symbol has been included as a word. Death of the English language? Natural lexicographic evolution? Just a way to screw with QWERTY keyboard makers?… »3/24/11 5:20pm3/24/11 5:20pm