After You Croak, the OrganOx Will Keep Your Liver Fresh for the Next Guy (NSFW)

Liver transplantation has become a victim of its own success with far more recipients registered to waiting lists—roughly 30,000 in the US and Europe—than there are available donor organs. What's more, a staggering 2,000 viable livers must be discarded annually because they didn't survive the journey from donor to… »3/19/13 11:30am3/19/13 11:30am


Oxford Professor Uses Carbon Nanotubes to Measure Red Hot Chillies

A Don at Oxford University has come up with a novel way to measure the hotness of chilli peppers objectively. Using carbon nanotubes and adsortive stripping voltammetry, Professor Richard Compton's idea could end up replacing the Scoville test, a subjective taste test created almost a century ago, that uses… »6/12/08 9:05am6/12/08 9:05am