Nikon P6000 Flagship Point-and-Shoot: 13.5MP, Built-In GPS Geotagging and Yes, RAW

Nikon's flagship P6000 point-and-shoot is official, and pretty much everything we heard. Besides long-awaited RAW support (not on Macs, sorry), the 13.5-megapixel shooter has built-in GPS geotagging, Nikon's DSLR controls, manual pop-up flash (which is so fun to play with it's almost worth the $500 price of admission… »8/07/08 12:01am8/07/08 12:01am


Epson's P-6000 and P-7000 Photo Viewers Look Semi-Decent, But Expensive

Epson's got two LCD-based photo viewers in the P-6000 and P-7000 that don't look half bad. They have 80GB and 160GB respectively, with RAW support, 35% faster image download speed compared to old models, 640x480 resolution, and a 94% reproduction of the Adobe RB color gamut. The price-$599 and $799-reflect the fact… »8/05/08 4:20pm8/05/08 4:20pm

Nikon Coolpix P6000 Gets Leaked, Rumored to Deliver an Absurd 13.5 Megapixels

What looks to be the upcoming Nikon Coolpix P6000 has leaked, showing a picture of the high-end point-and-shoot as well as some of the specs and a purported release date of this August. Most notable is an absolutely-bananas 13.5-megapixel sensor, which should provide you with pictures large enough to print billboards… »7/07/08 5:37pm7/07/08 5:37pm