Federal Judge: P2P File Sharing Data Isn’t Private

If you think your peer-to-peer file sharing can be kept under wraps, think again. A federal judge in Vermont has ruled that you should have no expectation whatsoever that your P2P data is ever private. » 11/13/13 7:30am 11/13/13 7:30am

BitTorrent's P2P Streaming Takes the Lag Out of Live Video

Livestreams are great and all, but they're all subject to a terrible reality: the more people who want to watch, the more likely it is the stream goes down. BitTorrent's P2P streaming service BitTorrent Live stands to change all that by actually drawing strength from the crowd, and it's here to start shaking up the… » 3/12/13 10:00am 3/12/13 10:00am

Is uTorrent Coming to Android?

There are plenty of things iOS can do that Android can't—Siri and Facetime, for example. However, Android may soon be getting its own exclusive feature: P2P file sharing courtesy of uTorrent, the most-used torrent client in the Western World. » 2/27/12 9:00pm 2/27/12 9:00pm

BitTorrent Inventor: My Goal Is to Kill Off Television

Torrent sites have been having a turbulent time recently, but that doesn't bother BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen. Instead, he's insistent that peer-to-peer sharing is the future of the way we consume media. » 2/14/12 3:31am 2/14/12 3:31am

The Pirate Lawyer Who's Looking To Get You

Like piracy? Enjoy BitTorrent? Then you'll really dislike this guy. No, he's not that Evan Stone. But he does troll torrent sites in search of lawsuit fodder. [Ars Technica] » 2/07/11 3:04pm 2/07/11 3:04pm

BitTorrent-Based Domains Could Make Sites Invincible Against Government…

In response to the recent flurry of aggressive takedowns against P2P and piracy-related websites, a group of programmers is working on a new, decentralized system that would make domains untouchable. The Dot-P2P project is partially powered, appropriately enough, by BitTorrent. » 11/30/10 1:23pm 11/30/10 1:23pm

The Pornographers Have Turned On the Pirates

Axel Braun, pornographic auteur, has filed a federal copyright suit against nearly 7,100 individuals. The offense? Sharing his Batman XXX: A Porn Parody via torrents. It's basically a NSFW version of the summer's Hurt Locker case. » 11/03/10 9:40am 11/03/10 9:40am

Libox is Your Own Personal P2P Network

The tiresome process of syncing your new stuff with your old stuff and your laptop stuff got a little easier today, with the launch of Libox—a personal P2P streaming application for all your media. » 8/25/10 5:50am 8/25/10 5:50am

Comcast PSP-Blocking Class Action Lawsuit Results in $16 Settlement

Were you a Comcast subscriber between April 1, 2006 and December 31, 2008? Did you use Ares, BitTorrent, eDonkey, FastTrack, or Gnutella? Yes? Then it's payday for you, to the tune of $16, as the now infamous PSP class action lawsuit against Comcast has resulted in a previous mentioned $16 million settlement fund. You… » 7/11/10 12:30pm 7/11/10 12:30pm

Hurt Locker Lawsuit IP Addresses Revealed

The first 5,000 Hurt Locker lawsuits were filed two weeks ago, and now the IP addresses of those charged with illegally downloading the film have started trickling out. The first batch—about 700 IPs—are listed here: » 6/09/10 12:32pm 6/09/10 12:32pm

The Hurt Locker Lawyers' 14,000 Lawsuit Crusade

While Voltage Pictures has gotten most of the publicity surrounding the 5,000 Hurt Locker lawsuits that were handed out last Friday, it's far from the first P2P shake-down for the lawyers backing them. Extremely far, as it turns out. » 6/02/10 4:00pm 6/02/10 4:00pm

Hurt Locker Producers File 5,000 Lawsuits Against File Sharers

This has been some time coming, but today it's official: the producers of The Hurt Locker have filed suit against 5,000 people for illegally downloading their movie. Read the full complaint after the jump: » 5/28/10 4:49pm 5/28/10 4:49pm

Hurt Locker Producer Drops Email Bomb On BitTorrenter

Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier—you know, the guy who wants to sue tens of thousands of people for downloading his movie—has made two things very clear over email: pirates are morons, and let's hope their kids are jailed. » 5/19/10 10:40am 5/19/10 10:40am

Hurt Locker Producers Take Up Arms Against Pirates

Voltage Pictures, the production company behind The Hurt Locker, is gearing up to sue thousands—no, tens of thousands—of individuals who pirated the film online. Get ready for a huge escalation in the war on P2P. » 5/12/10 1:15pm 5/12/10 1:15pm

The FCC Is Going to Leave Your ISP Alone

Somewhat conveniently following the court decision that says the FCC doesn't have the power to enforce net neutrality, FCC Chairman Genananananapackachkowsi is expected to respond that he wants to leave broadband providers just the way are, in terms of regulatory stuff, but at the same time, slyly move to bring… » 5/04/10 11:25am 5/04/10 11:25am

The Pirate Bay's Founder Likens P2P To Coke

At SXSW, The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde helmed a conference via Skype, where he likened P2P to Coca Cola, and The Pirate Bay to sugar. He also said he could make Sergey Brin "want to marry me." [TechRadar] » 3/15/10 7:18am 3/15/10 7:18am

Spanish Government Destroys P2P and Basic Freedoms

The Government of Spain, one of the last bastions of legal peer-to-peer file sharing, has approved a law that'll obliterate some of the most basic human rights, like freedom of speech and due process. All in the name of money. » 12/02/09 10:40am 12/02/09 10:40am

Viacom Top Lawyer on Obliterating Peer-to-Peer Users

Michael Fricklas is Viacom's general counsel, the company's top lawyer. I can't tell if he actually felt bad when he said the above at a recent meeting with Yale Law students. I kind of feel an evil, dark smile inside. » 11/17/09 10:36am 11/17/09 10:36am

More Tips for Torrenting Your Brains Out

Just about every BitTorrent trick you need to know that we haven't shown you, Maximum PC covers in their BitTorrent guide, like remote management, rolling your own torrents, and even getting somebody else to do the dirty work for you. » 11/11/09 6:35pm 11/11/09 6:35pm

5 Pirate Bay BitTorrent Alternatives

The Pirate Bay we know and love, though still harboring torrents for now, is going away. But that doesn't mean BitTorrent is dead. Far from it. Here are five places to get your torrent on after it closes for good. » 8/21/09 3:20pm 8/21/09 3:20pm