HTC Nike Touchscreen Slider

This HTC Nike (P5500) Windows Mobile 6 smartphone found in HTC's roadmap looks almost exactly like the HTC Touch we reviewed before, except it has a slide-out numpad. Our thoughts? Genius. One of the big complaints about the Touch was the fact that you could only use the onscreen keyboard to dial. And as you know, the… » 8/08/07 3:50pm 8/08/07 3:50pm

HTC's Roadmap Shows Sliders, Smartphones, and Fingerprint Recognition

CTI Miami got their hands on HTC's latest roadmap for their upcoming phones. Among them are the Kaiser, which is along the same lines as the Sprint Mogul (GSM), and the Vogue, which is like the HTC Touch. Some of the more interesting ones are the Nike, which is a WM6 Professional (that's the touchscreen one) that… » 6/21/07 4:00pm 6/21/07 4:00pm