Sony Ericsson Cancels Paris and BeiBei Smartphones

Sony Ericsson's Paris, much coveted by S-E purists, has been canned, according to the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog. The Paris, aka the P5i, has been filed under T (for trash) alongside its sister smartphone, the BeiBei, or the G702. Apparently it's to do with the less-than-enthusiastic reactions from some of the… » 6/27/08 8:45am 6/27/08 8:45am

Touchscreened Sony Ericsson P5i Mockup Surfaces

We showed you a few sneak shots last weekend of Sony Ericsson's rumored lineup of phones to be supposedly rolled out today, but now here's another one, and this P5i has a full touchscreen. The slider is said to be due for an intro announcement next week, and might ship in May or June of 2008. Nobody's claiming this to… » 11/06/07 9:02am 11/06/07 9:02am