Pixels for Pistols Trades Guns for Digital Cameras

Pixels for Pistols is a Toronto-based effort by the Henry's camera chain allowing anyone to trade in a gun, no questions asked, for a Nikon Coolpix S52 or Coolpix P60 camera. That's it. You give a gun and get a camera in an effort to get rid of unused guns that could be stolen and misused for crime. Lasting for four… » 10/22/08 2:45pm 10/22/08 2:45pm

Pick Yer Low-Frill Nikon CoolPix Cam: $130 L18 or $230 P60

For every super sexy, super slim, multicolored point-and-shoot, there's a meat-and-potatoes model aimed at classrooms and people on tighter budgets. Nikon's $130 CoolPix L18 comes in blue or red and has some nice enhancements like in-camera redeye removal. The retro-styled CoolPix P60 costs $100 more, because it has a… » 1/28/08 11:00pm 1/28/08 11:00pm

Hi-Grade MicroDMS P60 Media Center Reviewed (Verdict: Tiny and…

The tiny MicroDMS P60 player is about the size of a MacMini and deadly silent, which makes it perfect for placing next to the TV as an entertainment center PC. T3 found the DVI and S-Video and 5.1 optical-out audio decent, but complained about the analog TV Tuner. In the UK, they could only get the 5 channels with… » 6/20/06 6:20pm 6/20/06 6:20pm