Apple Employee Posts Job Description On LinkedIn, Divulges Future iPhone CPU Plans

Poor Wei-han Lien is probably dead right now after posting a description of his current duties—managing the ARM CPU architecutre team for the iPhone—on LinkedIn. As you know, Apple keeps all its future plans secret so Jobs doesn't stroll out on stage and announce something everyone's known for about months ( oops »9/15/08 6:50pm9/15/08 6:50pm). In…

Department of Defense Unhappy With Apple Chip Company Purchase

P.A. Semi, the chip design company Apple picked up for a song, is best known for its super-efficient PWRficient processor, a PowerPC variant. One of the big customers for the CPU is the Department of Defense, which makes use of it in programs in every major branch of the military, and they're not thrilled by the… »4/24/08 9:00pm4/24/08 9:00pm

Apple Buys Itself a Little Chip Company Known for Super Efficient Processors

Click to viewApple's bought itself a chip company, P.A. Semi, that could make chips for future iPods and iPhones. The company was founded by Dan Dobberpuhl, lead designer of Alpha chips, who last year announced a 64-bit dual core processor that is said to be about 300% more efficient than the nearest competition,… »4/23/08 12:32am4/23/08 12:32am