10 Questions From Science Fiction That We're Glad Were Never Answered

We tend to think of science fiction and fantasy as being like mystery novels — the story is over when you solve the case. So we obsess over questions that have no answers. But here are 10 questions that are better unanswered, either because the possibilities are fascinating or because the answers would be terrible. »4/29/14 5:19pm4/29/14 5:19pm

Awesome 3-foot-tall Lego jaeger from Pacific Rim is piloted by minifigs

LEGO artist Jason Corlett, spent 70 hours and 5,000 bricks to build Cherno Alpha, an almost 3-ft tall massive Lego jaeger from Pacific Rim. Though my favorite is Gipsy Danger, this scrappy Russian model is pretty badass. This is an impressive build, made more impressive by the fact that it's piloted by… »3/04/14 11:23pm3/04/14 11:23pm

How ILM created Hong Kong with special effects just to destroy it

Probably the most insane fight sequence of Pacific Rim was when a Jaeger fought a Kaiju in the streets of Hong Kong. The entire city was destroyed, glass shards flew everywhere, neon lights were exploding, streets were being crushed, shipping containers somehow were involved and the whole battle was just beyond epic. … »1/17/14 10:30pm1/17/14 10:30pm

6 Mythological Barriers To Keep Monsters At Bay

Whether or not you bought into all the hoopla, one thing’s for sure: the island to which ABC's series Lost transported us for six years was one strange place. A good chunk of its mystique, however, could be explained by a powerful electromagnetic force field that acted as its invisibility cloak and sent the island’s… »10/31/13 7:40pm10/31/13 7:40pm

Watch the Visual Effects Reel Behind Pacific Rim's Awesome Prologue

If you watched Pacific Rim, you'd know how incredible the giant mechs looked and how unforgettably beautiful the prologue that provided the backstory for the movie was. And though ILM did most of the VFX in the film, Guillermo del Toro's Mirada studio was the team responsible for the effects in the prologue. Here's… »9/11/13 1:00am9/11/13 1:00am

New Pacific Rim Trailer: Let's Go Beat Up Some Monsters

Lots of things can inspire mankind to greatness, but nothing quite like the support of a gigantic towering robot designed to fight equally gigantic mythical monsters. We're only a few weeks out from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim hitting theaters, but damned if we can't wait for what is the closest thing we have to… »6/25/13 8:29am6/25/13 8:29am

Robo Sally: The Best Bomb Disposal Bot Is Also the Most Human

Of the 25,000 Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions conducted by the US military in Iraq, only 30 have resulted in fatalities according to Army Col. K. Reinhard, commander of the joint EOD teams operating in the theater. That's still 30 too many. And that's why DARPA's developed the most advanced EOD surrogate… »6/04/13 11:35am6/04/13 11:35am