These Backpacks Can Take You Around The World

We believe in packing light whenever possible. However, some adventures require more stuff. Whether you're climbing Denali or trekking through the rainforest carrying tons of camera gear, you'll need an expedition pack. We tested the two most popular ones available across Norway, Iceland and on a 185-mile hike through…
» 12/09/14 2:16pm 12/09/14 2:16pm

Mophie iPhone 3G Battery Extender Available For Preorder, Shipping This…

Mophie's wraparound battery extenders for the first iPhone provided some relief to incessant browsers and movie-watchers, and they're looking to adapt their "Juice Pack" to the even more anemic iPhone 3G. What does this pack offer that the others don't? A mini USB port for syncing and charging and Apple's coveted… » 10/15/08 7:59am 10/15/08 7:59am

DS Lite Battery Pack Fattens, Extends Your Gaming

Even with our extreme weekend Pokemon binges, the DS Lite usually doesn't have to be charged more than once every few days. Which means this DS Lite battery pack isn't for us. But for those of you who go on long car trips or plane rides, this could mean the difference between catching them all or being bored to tears.
» 6/04/07 6:20pm 6/04/07 6:20pm

Wii Powerstation Charger and Battery Packs

We don't know if it's the motion sensing or the Nunchuk two-for-one peripheral design, but the Wiimote's battery life is pretty miserable. The default Xbox 360 wireless controller's batteries lasted at least twice as long as the Wii's, forcing me to change batteries twice while going through Zelda. Now with Joytech's… » 12/19/06 2:04pm 12/19/06 2:04pm

GhostBusters Proton Pack, Wand, and Trap

Developed by Dr. Egon Spengler and Dr. Ray Stantz after their residencies at Columbia University, the proton pack fires a stream of protons via a wand for use in paranormal investigation and capture. The protons, sometimes referred to as positrons, attack the negative ectoplasmic energy of a ghost, snaring the little… » 10/06/06 10:15am 10/06/06 10:15am