Watch the Crazy Amount of Work It Takes to Pack a Parachute

What happens after you pull the parachute and land safely on the ground? Well, it’s gotta get packed up. BASE jumper Sean Chuma shows us how he packs up a parachute and it’s a lot of freaking work. There’s so many different folds of the ‘chute and ties of the cord and they’re all mindful of each other with the overall…


Simple robot arm is hilariously efficient at packing up bolts in a box

This robot is so dumb and goofy but also very, very decent at its very, very simple job: it packs up bolts in such perfect alternating orientation that it would make any factory worker jealous. In fact, with the soundtrack that the video is set to, I almost wish that I will come back as this robot arm in my next life.

Time-lapse video shows that packing for space is pretty complicated

This time-lapse video shows the intricate steps involved as the European Space Agency loads its latest Automated Transport Vehicle in preparation for a summer launch. The ATV-5 will be carried on an Ariane 5 rocket from the agency's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, and will deliver 2,600 kilograms of dry cargo to…