These Backpacks Can Take You Around The World

We believe in packing light whenever possible. However, some adventures require more stuff. Whether you're climbing Denali or trekking through the rainforest carrying tons of camera gear, you'll need an expedition pack. We tested the two most popular ones available across Norway, Iceland and on a 185-mile hike through…
»12/09/14 2:16pm12/09/14 2:16pm

This Backpack Has an Emergency Raincoat That Deploys Like a Parachute

Designed for motorcycle riders and cyclists who quickly need to protect themselves from a sudden downpour, the Funnell backpack actually looks useful to anyone who commutes without a car. With a quick tug on a couple of straps, a full-on raincoat deploys from the top of the backpack, keeping both the wearer and the… »7/07/14 2:20pm7/07/14 2:20pm

Amazon Promises Frustration-Free Packaging: Dentists, Scissor-Makers Dismayed

I'm 100% »11/03/08 9:30am11/03/08 9:30am certain I'm not alone when I say I hate gadget packaging—specifically the armored transparent stuff that they clamshell-wrap electronic gizmos in nowadays. But an unexpected guardian angel has arrived to ease our packing woes: Amazon has just launched its "Frustration-Free Packaging" initiative. I think they…