Even Ping Pong Paddles are Being Coated in Carbon Fiber Now

I don't care how much lighter carbon fiber makes something—is it really necessary to paint a bleedin' tennis table paddle in it? I will concede it looks damn cool, but $140 cool? Yeh, I thought so. [Donic Schildkröt CarboTec 100 via Uncrate] » 4/13/11 8:20am 4/13/11 8:20am

The eviGroup Paddle Tablet's Scale UI Leaves Me Queasy

With more tablets being announced each day, there's a lot of pressure on market entrants to stand out. A custom user interface is a great way to do that! The eviGroup Paddle's stop-the-ride-I-wanna-get-off Scale UI, less so. See for yourself: » 3/01/10 9:40am 3/01/10 9:40am

Electronic Bicycle Gear Shifting Promises Aerodynamics and Complications

Shimano, makers of high-end bike gear I can't afford, is making a push for its Di2 battery-powered gear shifter. Why make the time-tested bicycle design more complicated and harder to service? Aerodynamics. » 2/14/09 8:00pm 2/14/09 8:00pm

Arkanoid For the DS Gets Paddle Controller

Remember Arkanoid in the arcades and its weird paddle/knob controller you twisted to make the stick move around? Famitsu's revealing a Nintendo DS attachment for the game with a GBA Slot attachment that actually replicates the knobbiness of the original! The attachment will come in various Japanese DS colors, and will… » 8/01/07 6:00pm 8/01/07 6:00pm