These City Maps Are Made Out of Razor Blades and Mirror Shards

Damien Hirst loves to play provocateur. The artist makes mosaics with pharmaceuticals and sculptures with taxidermy. Now, for his latest series of paintings, he's depicting cities in conflict. But look closer: What seem like innocent, black-and-white satellite images are crafted out of sharp, dangerous objects. » 11/26/14 9:00am 11/26/14 9:00am

When These CMYK Coasters Are Stacked a Masterpiece Is Revealed

As newspapers, magazines, and books are slowly replaced with electronic alternatives, the art of CMYK printing is slowly dying alongside them. So now's as good a time as any to grab a souvenir before the technical process becomes a forgotten art—and these CMYK coasters seem to fit the bill, especially if you've got… » 9/08/14 5:00pm 9/08/14 5:00pm

Cool paintings show the everyday life of a post-futuristic world

Sci-fi movies are often cold and emotionless but Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag thinks otherwise. His paintings, inspired by those movies, escape from the artifices of the genre to show the calm everyday life in a post-futuristic world full robots and abandoned mechanical structures. » 9/03/14 2:37am 9/03/14 2:37am

An Algorithm Revealed 200 Lost Paintings on Angkor Wat's Ancient Walls

Even a building as famous and photographed as Angkor Wat has its secrets. With the help of an image enhancement algorithm, a sharp-eyed rock-art researcher has revealed that unassuming smears of pigment are actually faded drawings. It could be graffiti—or it could be the remnants of a concerted 16th century… » 5/29/14 5:20pm 5/29/14 5:20pm

Animated classical paintings make me want to escape into other worlds

I really love these 2.5D animations of classical paintings by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro. He says that they are "a tribute to the art and her disarming beauty." Some are more inviting and evocative than the actual painting. I want to keep getting into the scene. And a few are quite disturbing. » 1/17/14 12:56am 1/17/14 12:56am

An artist recreated Blade Runner with 12,000 water color paintings

Holy wow this is impressive. Artist Anders Ramsell animated Blade Runner by painting 12,597 different water color paintings and stringing them together into beautifully fluid sequences. It's incredible, you feel like you're watching Blade Runner, you get to hear Harrison Ford and follow the story but you're seeing it… » 11/19/13 8:03pm 11/19/13 8:03pm

These animations of famous paintings are freaking hilarious

Not all of us can stand and stare at artwork and pretend to be impressed and then stare again and then focus in on how the brushstrokes add up to the emotion of what the artist was feeling during his struggle when his father did not approve of his calling. Some of us want more fun when it comes to art. This hilarious… » 11/05/13 8:50pm 11/05/13 8:50pm

Modern Day China Painted By North Korean Propaganda Artists

At first glance, The Beautiful Future—a series of paintings made in Pyongyang, North Korea—looks like standard propaganda fare: Happy citizens, lush farmlands, and bustling industry. Except something's amiss: In the background of each painting stands an iconic piece of Beijing architecture—from the CCTV building to… » 10/21/13 12:25pm 10/21/13 12:25pm

These Intricate Abstract Paintings Were Made With a 3D Printer

As far as art goes, the 3D printer has mostly been used as a precision tool for creating copies of hyper-valuable paintings—just see today's story about printing perfect Vermeer replicas for reference. But there are also plenty of artists experimenting with 3D printing on more creative terms—and at this year's New… » 9/25/13 2:40pm 9/25/13 2:40pm