European PS3 Backward Compatibility List

The Internets have been griping about the software backward compatibility of European/PAL PS3s for the past couple weeks, so it's probably a good idea to actually take a list at the titles the software emulation can support. Right now Sony's gigantic list is at 72 percent, with improvements sure to come. » 3/20/07 6:30pm 3/20/07 6:30pm

Europe's PS3's Software Backward Compatibility Graded (It's Not Good)

What would you do if you were a professor and one of your students got 1 out of 12 questions correct on an exam? Before you answer, let us tell you a story. You see, the Inquirer got their hands on a PAL PS3—you know, the ones that have software backward compatibility—and tested it out with twelve popular PS2 games.… » 3/14/07 5:43pm 3/14/07 5:43pm