AT&T Palm Centro Goes Electric Blue, Gets Even Cheaper on Friday

Apparently the Centro is going to be stupid cheap on AT&T starting July 11, and it'll come in "electric blue." Palm is being coy about exactly how much cheaper, but we figure it'll be a decent discount-maybe down to $49, like the BlackBerry Kickstart will be. We're sure it'll have people lining up at AT&T stores this… » 7/08/08 12:59pm 7/08/08 12:59pm

Palm Selling Centro Unlocked for $299, Gets Google Maps with My Location

Already available on the three biggest US carriers, the only way to make the Centro a bigger hit is to sell it unlocked-and that's what Palm is doing, for $299. It's only in white, though. You can pick it up online at Palm's site. Also, starting tomorrow, they'll be offering Google Maps with My Location for Centros,… » 6/23/08 4:04pm 6/23/08 4:04pm

Palm Teaser Page Says Something This Way Cometh

The European Palm site has dropped a teaser page concerning the new Palm smartphone. The page indicates the 12/09/07, but does not specify whether this will be a launch date or not. Specifically it states: » 9/02/07 6:45pm 9/02/07 6:45pm

The page invites residents of the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy to enter a competition in which they…

Unconfirmed: Upcoming Sprint Roadmap Leaked? Palm Centro 10/14?

A poster on the phonenews forum seems to have come up with the Sprint lineup for the next several months, all the way into early 2008. To start, they have the Motorola V9M on 9/4, the USB EV-DO Novatel U727 modem on 9/30, Palm Gryphon (code name for Palm Centro) and Sanyo S1 2500 on 10/14, LG LX260, HTC Vogue,… » 8/21/07 12:45pm 8/21/07 12:45pm