WebOS 2.0 Now Official, Arriving On Palm Pre 2 "In the Coming Months" In …

It's always nice when rumors actually hold up: HP just officially introduced the world to webOS 2.0 and confirmed its flagship handset, the Palm Pre 2. So this is why HP spent all that money. Let's take a quick spin. » 10/19/10 9:52am 10/19/10 9:52am

Vice President Who Was In Charge Of Designing The Pre Leaves Palm And…

We knew that plenty of Palm employees left once HP acquired the company, but now we know the latest one to jump ship: Peter Skillman, Palm's Vice President of Design. Also known as the man who designed the Pre. » 8/09/10 10:02pm 8/09/10 10:02pm

Palm Teases New Phones and "New Version of the OS"

After two phones (and two spin-offs) running webOS, you'd think Palm and its new owner HP would be keen to get some new devices to market. All we've got to go on for now is a Palm rep's comments, confirming that they "are working on future devices," and a "new version of the OS." Apparently, we're "going to find the next… » 6/18/10 6:37am 6/18/10 6:37am

HTC EVO 4G Pushes Palm Pre Off Sprint's Launch Day Sales Pedestal

News just in—the HTC EVO 4G has officially been more loved on launch day than the Palm Pre. While queues were around the block for many Sprint stores selling the webOS phone last June, it wasn't any match for the HTC EVO 4G. Friday saw the most sales for any one phone sold at Sprint in one day—in fact, there were three … » 6/07/10 2:44am 6/07/10 2:44am

Your Palm Pre Can Now Run Basically Any Linux Application

iPhone OS is on perpetual lockdown. Android hacking's boring, considering the platform's Linux credentials. It's webOS, Palm's Linux-based OS, where some of the best gratuitous, for-the-hell-of-it hacking is taking place nowadays. Exhibit A: OpenOffice, running on a Pre. A Pre! » 4/09/10 3:00pm 4/09/10 3:00pm