If You're Thinking About Getting a WebOS Phone, Wait for the New Stuff

Palm HP announced a lot of really great stuff today! The TouchPad, Palm Pre 3 and Veer (which might be my favorite, because it is tiny and adorable like a puppy). And they're the only products guaranteed to get webOS 3.0. » 2/09/11 8:39pm 2/09/11 8:39pm

You Can Buy the Palm Pre 2 for $450 From Today

Running webOS 2.0 and sporting a 1GHz processor, the GSM version of the Pre 2 is now on sale unlocked for $450 over at HP's site. [HP via BGR] » 11/18/10 7:15am 11/18/10 7:15am

WebOS 2.0 Now Official, Arriving On Palm Pre 2 "In the Coming Months"…

It's always nice when rumors actually hold up: HP just officially introduced the world to webOS 2.0 and confirmed its flagship handset, the Palm Pre 2. So this is why HP spent all that money. Let's take a quick spin. » 10/19/10 9:52am 10/19/10 9:52am

Palm Pre 2 Heading To Verizon?

Engadget got their hands on an internal Verizon training document, and lo and behold, there's a section on the elusive Palm Pre 2. The blurb doesn't divulge any new details, but hopefully it means we'll be hearing more soon. [Engadget] » 10/14/10 5:52pm 10/14/10 5:52pm