The Best Smartphone on Every Platform

The most important thing about your next phone isn't what carrier it's on, how big the screen is, or even who makes it. It's the platform, stupid. So here are the best phones on every platform. » 11/30/10 3:00pm 11/30/10 3:00pm

Palm Pre Plus Priced at $150 on AT&T

Starting May 16, you'll be able to pick up the Palm Pre Plus at AT&T. It will sell for $150 with rebate, and for a limited time, that deal will come with a free Touchstone charging dock. Ooohhh! » 5/10/10 2:48pm 5/10/10 2:48pm

Palm Pre Plus Reduced To Quivering $30 By Verizon Wireless

In light of HP's acquisition of Palm, Verizon Wireless' discount on the Pre Plus—which has only been on sale a little over three months now—might seem a little hasty. Palm's the flavor of the month again, after all! » 5/04/10 3:51am 5/04/10 3:51am

Verizon Offers Palm Pre and Pixi Plus As Free Mobile Hotspots

Not only has Verizon discounted the Pre and Pixi Plus to $50 and $30, respectively, not only are they eligible for a buy one get one free promotion, but now, they're free mobile hotspots, too. [Verizon via BGR] » 4/01/10 11:23am 4/01/10 11:23am

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Headed to Europe Soon?

Europeans won't have to wait as long for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus as they did the original models, according to the documents passed through the Global Certification Forum allowing them entry through Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle and Schiphol. » 3/30/10 6:23am 3/30/10 6:23am

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Coming to AT&T Soonish, But With No Hotspot

The rumors were true. "In the coming months," the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi plus will come to AT&T for $150 and $50 (with contract rebate), respectively. The big difference between this and Verizon's Plus versions? No hotspot. » 3/22/10 9:40am 3/22/10 9:40am

Possible Palm webOS 1.4 Changelog Leak Shows Video Capture, Flash 10,…

If this leak is true (and it's boring enough to be true), then it means webOS 1.4 should be hitting soon (like we thought). » 2/25/10 1:08pm 2/25/10 1:08pm

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Wait For It... Edition

In today's Remainders: patience. Or at least, it's what's required by today's items, including Lumix camera pricing, Google's acquisition of Aardvark; LG's forthcoming e-reader, and the great Palm Pre manufacturing halt that wasn't. » 2/11/10 5:30pm 2/11/10 5:30pm

Verizon Emasculates the Palm Pre Plus in New Ads

Did you know the Palm Pre Plus is a phone for ladies? Specifically, for moms? Well, it is, you sissy! If you were a real man, you'd buy a Droid! That's a phone for men! » 2/04/10 10:22am 2/04/10 10:22am

Palm Pre Plus GPS Might Be a Little Janky

Reports are surfacing that GPS navigation on the Palm Pre Plus is a little janky, with full aGPS only working with the (recently updated to 5.0) Verizon Navigator app, not Google Maps—locks are inaccurate and slow. » 2/01/10 11:19am 2/01/10 11:19am

Palm Pre Gets Its First Decent, Official Game: Assassin's Creed

Whoa, whoever said Palm didn't have any decent games will definitely be eating their hat for dinner tonight. Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles has just hit the Palm Pre app store, last seen on the DS, iPhone and Symbian phones. » 1/26/10 6:09am 1/26/10 6:09am

Now Available

A trio of Toshibas, the newest Palm smartphones, and an FM transmitter that won't make you want to tear your brain out. Start saving your tax return for what's now available. » 1/25/10 6:00pm 1/25/10 6:00pm

The Palm Pre Plus Can Run 50 (50!) Apps at Once

As mentioned in our review, the added RAM in the Palm Pre Plus means you can run "a LOT" of apps. You know, like 10! Absurdist logic site PreCentral asks the obvious question: why not 50? » 1/21/10 1:31pm 1/21/10 1:31pm

Palm Pre Plus Review

Sprint customers: If you're worried that you bought a first gen Palm Pre only to watch helplessly as Palm released a better Pre on Verizon, stop. The Palm Pre Plus is essentially the same phone as the Palm Pre. » 1/20/10 9:00pm 1/20/10 9:00pm

Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus Prices (P)Leaked

Unconfirmed, but likely: Pricing for Verizon's first two WebOS devices has leaked, and it's looking like $150 (after $100 rebate) for the Pre Plus and $100 for the Pixi Plus. There'll probably be a buy-one-get-one deal along with that. [PhoneArena] » 1/15/10 10:50pm 1/15/10 10:50pm

Palm Pre Plus First Hands-On: Super-Fast, Button Removal Is No Problem

Jon Rubinstein dropped the news only minutes ago that the new Palm devices—the slightly-upgraded Pre Plus and Pixi Plus—would be arriving on Verizon later this month. » 1/07/10 3:28pm 1/07/10 3:28pm

Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus Are Coming to Verizon Exclusively…

The Palm Pre plus removed the navigation button, has 2x internal RAM, 16GB storage, and a built-in inductive back cover for Touchstone inductive charging. » 1/07/10 2:42pm 1/07/10 2:42pm

Specs Leaked for Verizon's Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus

Phone Arena's got leaked specs for Verizon's Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus. There's not much being revealed for Verizon's Web OS Phones other than the Pre getting 16gb storage and the Pixi getting WiFi. [Phone Arena via Engadget] » 1/06/10 7:42pm 1/06/10 7:42pm