The Pre Costs $542.01 Without Subsidies According to Fine Print

The meticulous folks at gadgetell dug through the contest rules of an upcoming Sprint-sponsored Palm Pre giveaway. And according to the fine print, the Pre is valued at $542.01 without subscription subsidies. Surely this fact was listed only for tax purposes, but it's interesting to note all the same because Pre buyers … » 5/14/09 10:11am 5/14/09 10:11am

iSuppli: Palm Pre Costs $138 to Build; Less Than iPhone, G1 (Updated)

iSuppli has issued a formal estimate for the build cost of the Palm Pre, pegging it at $138. This undercuts the iPhone, at $174, and even the G1, at a modest $144. Why so cheap? UPDATED » 4/29/09 9:30am 4/29/09 9:30am