Get a Palm Treo 750 Early

Folks'll be eyeing this for-now-import-only Palm Treo 750v when you pull it from your bulging pocket, if only for the smartphone's lack of an antenna. The price for the import? Eight-hundred bucks ($780 for the phone, $20 for configuration with either Cingular or T-Mobile.)
Considering Cingular has yet to drop an… » 11/01/06 5:53pm 11/01/06 5:53pm

Palm Treo 750v Heads To US, Kinda

U.S. Treo addicts can breathe a little easier knowing that it's now slightly easier to obtain a Treo 750v thanks to the importers at CTI Miami. Granted, you'll have to part with some $765, but at least it'll come completely unlocked. Just insert your GSM SIM card and let the fun begin... if your definition of "fun" is… » 10/16/06 4:27pm 10/16/06 4:27pm