All of HP PCs Will Run WebOS From Next Year

HP's CEO has promised that webOS for PCs is coming—to every PC they ship from 2012. Saying that "HP has lost its soul," CEO Leo Apotheker hopes that bundling webOS with Windows will entice more customers into buying HP products. Does that sound like something you'd buy? [BusinessWeek via SlashGear] » 3/09/11 7:40am 3/09/11 7:40am

Two New Palm Phones Could Finally Be On Their Way

Just as we were beginning to think Palm's revival would amount to nothing more than four phones and some potential nifty printers, we hear word of two new models (and a new TouchStone) showing up in a certification database. » 9/27/10 3:35am 9/27/10 3:35am

Palm Teases New Phones and "New Version of the OS"

After two phones (and two spin-offs) running webOS, you'd think Palm and its new owner HP would be keen to get some new devices to market. All we've got to go on for now is a Palm rep's comments, confirming that they "are working on future devices," and a "new version of the OS." Apparently, we're "going to find the next… » 6/18/10 6:37am 6/18/10 6:37am