Apple's New Palo Alto Store Might Be the Best Yet

Apple's retail spaces share a common design theme with the products they sell—focusing on minimalist accents and a clean, easy-to-navigate design (barring the swarming hordes of customers). The new "prototype" store under construction in Palo Alto promises to draw on the best ideas from Apple's decade in retail. » 12/23/11 2:40am 12/23/11 2:40am

A Man of Uncompromising Vision, Steve Jobs Is Still... Kind of a Sweet …

Stories that have come out of Steve Jobs' retirement typically focus on his genius and ideas. Writer Lisen Stromberg veers away from all that, though, and describes him as what he is behind the scenes: A really normal, neighborly guy. » 8/31/11 4:20pm 8/31/11 4:20pm