The 10 Worst Examples of Movie Whitewashing From the Last 15 Years

Gods of Egypt is finally premiering this week, but no matter how weel it does (or how poorly) it will always be remembered mainly for causing such an uproar, the director was forced to apologize. But it’s just the latest in a long line of movies where characters of color are played by white actors. Movies that should…


The 10 Best and 10 Worst Science Fiction And Fantasy Movies of 2015

First, the good news: 2015 was a fantastic year at the movies. There were great original stories, sequels done right, adaptations that match their source material and more. But for every great movie, there’s a ton of bad ones too. Here’s our picks for the best and worst science fiction and fantasy films of 2015.

Victor Frankenstein Is Like Watching Your Cute Friend Get High and Blowtorch Their Own Face

Seriously. Did you ever have a ridiculously good-looking friend who was also brilliant and talented, but they made some really bad choices and threw it all away? Victor Frankenstein is like that. This movie has so much going for it, and just fritters it away, like a goddamn frittering machine.